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Metal Table Decor

Unique Accents



Beautiful sculptures for your tables, cabinets or stands. Metal table decor accents will greatly add to the beauty of any room. Visitors will always take notice of decorations of this sort. For that reason always choose your table decor very carefully.

Rather it's metal, wood or some other type of material, try to pick a suitable combination. It's usually best to blend the colors, but sometimes mixing in odd coloring can work well. Be creative.

Your creativity will not go unnoticed. Tables almost always draw ones attention. And the items that are on them. Metal table decor accents are always a good choice. And of course if you get tired of looking at a certain placement, then just pick it up and move it.

Afterall it's not attached to the table or cabinet. Which leaves you completly free to rearrange your decorations with ease. Now isn't that great? We know what a joy it is to decorate a table or wall just like you want to.

This is a freedom that professional decorators enjoy when casting their thoughtful and artistic quality into their work. And of course a fine artist should be very sensitive to aesthetic values. Able to decorate and create skillfully, and with taste. How satisfying!

Metal table decor is surely a great way to go.




Table Lamp - Gun Metal Finished Ceramic Base




Unique Brass Gong For Table or Cabinet Top - Great Novelty Gift Item or Use For Decoration and Fun



Trumpet Metal Table Decor   

11" H x 7" W

Trumpet Metal Table Decor - Antiqued Metal - For the trumpet player in the house. If there is one. I remember playing in the marching band at school. Football games and band trips were a lot of fun. Musical instruments make lovely wall or table decor.


Fish Metal Table Decor  

26" H x 21" W

Coastal Fish Metal Table Sculpture - This beauiful nautical art decor is perfect for adding color to your tabletop.


Round Metal Table Art 25" H x 19" W - $85.00

Round Metal Table Art - Great accent piece in metallic gold and black.

Not Available


Butterfly Metal Table Decor 20" H x 19" W - Out of Stock

Butterfly Metal Table Decor - This Decorative Piece is Hand Painted. Interesting collector's sculpture decor that will greatly accent any room. Real butterflies might be fooled!


Dolphin & Turtle Table Art 11" H x 7" W - $93.00

Dolphins and Sea Turtle Table Sculpture - Made in cold cast solid poly stone composite. Great table art for those who love the creatures of the sea.

Out of Stock


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