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Metal Wall Art

Add Intriguing Beauty To Your Walls & Patio

square_wall_art  Welcome to our site. As you can see metal wall art and modern home decor is our specialty. We'll help make any wall inside or out look more beautiful. These ideas will make any room come alive. Paintings are wonderful, but there's something highly unique about metal wall art. Most framed art is square or rectangular.

Metal wall art sculpture offers interesting shapes and contours that will add a dramatic look and feel to your rooms. If you are changing decor, metal hangings are an excellent choice. The straight angles of a room come alive with intriguing excitement.

Modern Wall Decor

Enjoy modern wall decor. Now this art you can feel. An alluring atmosphere is created by day. And look, how mysterious by night. Imagine your home has taken on new excitement with just a slight change of the wall decor. Now, I'm not saying you should get rid of your framed art.

Just rearrange and add to it. Amazing difference when you place one or two contemporary or abstract metal wall art hangings, creating a modern and highly unique look and feel. This is a difference everyone in the house will greatly appreciate.

Placing them in every room might give your home a museum effect. You probably don't want that, but it surely would be different! Especially if you are using larger or multi-section pieces. Take some time to imagine the new look your home will have after carefully placing just a few unique modern metal wall art pieces.

Our offering of hangings create a variety of thoughts and moods. As the lighting changes throughout the day,various wall sculptures simply make the room more fun and enjoyable. Everyone will notice how the evening shadows take on an even more dramatic appearance.

Visitors may even be distracted and drawn to the rustic feel created by your new wall art. And of course we don't mind if you tell them where you got it. Every room may not need decorative metal wall art, but every house will greatly benefit from these sculptures.

The variety of metal used is brass, copper, steel, iron and aluminum. Some may have glass. Excite your walls and view our many selections, including star, sun, tree, tropical, moon, leaves, dragonfly, horse, western, moose, frog, birds, wine, car and palm tree hangings. We also offer round and square hangings. Plus some outdoor metal wall art to brighten your patio or garden.

Tips For Placing Your Decor

Plan carefully before hanging metal wall art. A large area may benefit from a larger piece. Always take dimensions of the piece and mark them on the wall using painters tape. This type of tape will not mark your wall and is easy to peel off. It usually comes in a blue color. Doing this first is a good way to get a view of how much space your art hangings will absorb.

Some metal wall art comes in several sections. You will surely want to measure between the sections. The alluring excitement of your metal wall art will stand out with the careful placment of a spot light. Now, go ahead and make yourself and your walls happy.


If you wish to order any piece or ask a question please contact us at 901-452-7477 concerning availibility, payment methods or shipping arrangements. Some items may include FREE SHIPPING. We promise to ship your purchase as quick as possible. Of course we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date. Most orders should arrive in about 5 to 10 business days. Some of our decors are now available for purchase thru Paypal, a safe and secure way of making online purchases. A certain number of items on our site may only be available thru affiliates such as which offers a huge number of items at very reasonable prices. Please bookmark us for another visit!

Thank You

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Featured Metal Wall Art


Burnished Metal Wall Decor - This interesting designer decor is 32" H x 33" W

Intriguing Burnished Metal Wall Art. Perfect Designer Decor.      



Sun and Moon - Carlos Brutus made this intricate wall art sculpture from an oil drum that was recycled in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti. This interesting piece is 24" in diameter. Most likely no one you know will have one of these!




Giraffe Metal Decor - Very unusual hanging. Also crafted in Haiti using recycled oil drums. It measures 18" wide by 11" in height.




Metal Butterfly Wall Hanging

Another wonderful and interesting piece of wall decor made by metal artisans at Carribean Crafts using recycled oil drums from Haiti. This neat metal wall art butterfly is 20" by 15".




Live Laugh Love Wall Decor - 17.25" H x 26.5" W

Believe Metal Wall Art Scroll  


Eyes On You Metal Wall Art -4651025 - 23"H x 15"W

This unusual piece may even get a laugh or two. I feel like someone is watching! Of course you may perceive something different.

Unusual Metal Wall Art  $90.00

Sorry This Item is No Longer Available


Don't forget that we offer many different types of home and garden sculptures and accents. Be sure to check out our collectible metal decor replica page and metal table decor.

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