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Sun and Moon Metal Wall Art

Celestial Accents for Your Wall


I think sun and moon metal wall art is probably one of the more interesting and alluring of all the metal wall art sculptures. Artists are obviously intrigued by our sun and moon, using them as an inspiration to create new and unique sculpture to capture your imagination.

Combining the sun and moon into one adds an almost limitless possibility for creating intriguing pieces of metal art that will give your walls new excitement. Bringing the two heavenly bodies together is of course not a new idea.

Artists have used this theme for centuries. Certainly this idea will never cease to inspire artisans. The sun gives us light and so does the moon because it reflects light from the sun. Interesting fact that because of the way the moon rotates, only one side is ever seen from the earth.

Which is why the side that we don't see is called the dark side. Since the side we do see is supposed to be the face of a man, is the side we don't see the face of a woman? Maybe the ones creating this artistry have similiar questions in their minds as they sculpt these beautiful hangings.

They also must glaze into the sky looking for inspiration. Looking for new ways of viewing the luner and solar spheres that have such an important effect on our planet. And our art. The sun gives us warmth and light. It helps sustain life on earth.

Without it everything here would die. What about the moon? How important is it? It does affect our tides. And it is used on calenders. Could we live without it? Maybe or maybe not. But if it went away, I would sure miss it.

And so would the makers of metal wall art. It's just one wonderful part of the intrigue of sun and moon metal wall art. I'm sure your guests will enjoy your new choice. Mix it freely with all of your other interesting metal wall art.

Even if they are as different as night and day. Or the sun and moon.


Choose Your Celestial Decor



Sun Moon and Star Metal Decor    

Sun moon and star metal wall art - 21" diameter





Sun and moon metallic wall art - 16" H x 29" W

Not Available



Sun Moon Stars metal wall art   

Sun Moon & Stars Metal Wire Wall Hanging Garden Art 20"




Sun and Moon Metal Sculpture - Metallic Colors Wall Art



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