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Wine Metal Wall Art

Fruit Of The Vine Decor



Do you enjoy red or white wine? How about a really good blush. You can't drink metal wall art. Too much metallic after taste! Looking at the wine metal wall art hangings we offer may make you want a good glass of that old fruit of the vine.

The different types and sizes of wine bottles are fantastic models for creating metal wall art sculptures. Use your imagination for adding coloring of the bottles, mix in an interesting goblet and before you know it you've got yourself another intriging piece of art.

A captivating array of metal wall decor depicting that age old fascination we have for various wines. These sculptures are well suited for placing in dining rooms. It's great art for mealtime conversation. Although just about any room will be changed for the better with one of these hangings.

I'm sure that quite often those who enjoy a glass of wine before or after dinner may very well move about to different rooms in your home. This gives your guests a tour of the house. Now is a good time to have this wall decor in other rooms besides just the dining room.

Nice metal wall art is good for the eyes, and red wine is thought to be good for ones health. Some folks even say that it helps them get to sleep quicker. Beautiful wine metal wall art on the other hand should keep everyone awake.

But of course viewing such beauty can be relaxing. And the beverage goes hand in hand with socializing and romance. Blend these hangings with Tuscan and French themes. No doubt fine dining with a good wine and being surrounded by wonderful works of metallic art on the wall just seems to be more enjoyable.

Even without the beverage this magnificent decor is a great pleasure to look at. Sometimes these accents can be found in restaurants and other public places. These hangings are one of the best options in decorating any room. Anywhere. Enjoy this magificent decor.


Why Not Wine Metal Wall Art As A Gift?

Just as wine gift baskets are the rage, anyone with a wall to spare could enjoy this wine gift idea. Metal art. It's obviously a very unique gift idea. A nice bottle of merlot and a metal wall art sculpture combined will surely please anyone.


Featured Wine Metal Wall Art


Love of Wine Metal Wall Art  

Love of Wine Metal Wall Art - Set of Two -Each is 16"H x 10"W



Wine Time Metal Wall Decor - 35"H x 26"W


Wine and Glass Metal Wall Art   

Wine & Glass Metal Wall Art - 30"W x 24"H


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